'Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute, Shinai Desu'

To everyone who was waiting for a new role in a romantic comedy: Koji is appearing as main cast member in the upcoming spring Drama 'Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute, Shinai Desu' (lit. "Instead of Not Being Able to Get Married, I Rather Don´t Want To"). The story evolves around Dr. Tachibana Miyabi (Nakatani Miki). After her graduation from medical school, she opened a clinic for beauty dermatology in downtown Aoyama and enjoyed her single life. During a stay at an Culinary Arts Restaurant, Miyabi gets confronted with the huge gap between her lifestyle and that of her friends, who are all already married. Confidently is the successful doctor advocating her stance in life and that it´s on her own when to marry. Despite having achieved all her own set goals, is she with her 39 years now really too old to find Mr. Right? After all, a survey stated that the probability women are able to get married from 39 years of age on are ... only at 2%?

Koji is going to play Hashimoto Ryotaro, nicknamed "The Fairy", a 26-years old clerk working at the Culinary Arts Restaurant. As delievery boy is he going in and out at Miyabi´s Clinic on a daily basis and is pampered by the hospital staff. Ryotaro is described as "Fushigi-chan", an eccentric young person. The TV series is starting in April 2016 at 22:00 on TBS. Other cast member include Fujiki Naohito, Omasa Aya, Tokui Yoshimi and Natsuki Mari. This original story is drafted by author Keya Mizuno ('Suparuta Kon Katsu Juku' (lit. "The Marriage Hunting School at the Hot Spring", 'Yume Wo Kanaeruzo' (lit. "The Elephant That Grants a Dream") and 'Ame No Himo, Hare Otoko' ("On Rainy Days, A Sunny Man"). The screenplay wrote Kaneko Arisa ('Helter Skelter', 'Hana Moyu', 'Train Man').

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Koji in ‘Asa ga Kita‘

(From left to right: Shigeo Tsujimoto, Seto Koji, Haru as Imai Asa, Tamaki Hiroshi Asa´s husband) and Koshiba Fuka.

Yesterday were new cast member for the second half of the popular asadora ‘Asa ga Kita' announced.

Koji is joining the main cast in the role of Narisawa Izumi. Next to him are Shigeo Tsujimoto, Koshiba Fuka (who is currently playing Hinata on Koji´s side in 'Yuhiden') and Kiriyama Akito playing additional parts. ‘Asa ga Kita’ is currently airing daily on NHK, from Monday to Saturday at 8:00. This is marking Koji´s first appearance in an asadora and the episodes with Izumi are starting from the 30th of January 2016.

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